Meet Our Wellness Centre Practitioners

Sue Hooper, Energy Wellness & Art

Sue is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and is truly excited to share her learnings with others.  She and her husband, Jack, live and work in the country overlooking the Kennebecasis River in Hampton.  Sue has her EEM Practice at Lifestyles Health & Wellness Centre and is also an artist and teacher who co-runs Hooper Studios with her mother, Kathy who is also an artist.  Sue has training in Level 2 Therapeutic Touch, her Level 3 Shamanism with Dr. Marilyn Walker and is a registered Reiki Practitioner CRA-RP.  Over 24 years ago, Sue started practising Taoist Tai Chi and has always been interested in the benefits of the healing power of nature and meditation.  All of this experience and her spiritual journey deeply informs her art. For energy wellness classes and workshops contact Sue at 506-650-3333 or go to

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living and moving force that determines much about health and happiness.  The health of the body reflects the health of its energies.  Energy medicine shows you how to understand and work with your body’s reservoir or electromagnetic and more subtle energies to increase your vitality, identify and correct energy imbalances that keep you from being your best, and enhance your health and your state of mind.  For more than three decades, Donna Eden has been teaching people how to work with these energies to reclaim their natural healing capabilities.  Through Eden Energy Medicine, you can learn the tools and techniques you need to unlock your body’s natural healing power!

Personalized Energy Medicine Sessions with Sue

Whether you are coming for an energetic “tune up” or you have already developed a health concern, Energy Medicine can be a very effective tool along your path of wellness.  This particular therapy can address a wide variety of energetic imbalances and is covered by most insurance companies.  Regular sessions: $75 for 90 minutes which comes with self-care follow up.

What you should know:

  • You remain fully clothed during the session – wear comfortable clothes as for yoga.
  • We work together in a warm, safe, quite environment.
  • Energetic imbalances are assessed through muscle testing.
  • Educating you in follow up self-care methods is an important part of our session.
  • You can choose to come weekly, monthly or just once.

Aaron Murphy, RMT

Aaron graduated in 2017 with a Diploma of Distinction, 2 awards of excellence and a passion for helping people as an RMT.  He will be continuing to develop his skill set with courses in cupping, trigger point work and acupuncture in the near future.  Aaron is insured with ANBMT and registered with CMTNB.

Committed to serving this community, Aaron has joined the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce, supports the Hampton Food Bank and looks forward to being involved in future Town events.  Aaron offers reasonable rates, flexible hours and direct billing and is conveniently located in the Lifestyles Wellness Centre.

Aaron’s purpose is to help others through his passion for massage therapy.  He hopes you will be part of his story.  You can reach Aaron at 333-7829.

Alana Sheppard

is a Certified Aesthetician who is registered with the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick.

She graduated from Medes College in 2001.
Alana is very passionate about what she does and can assure you will feel pampered when you leave.
She offers a full line of Aesthetics and is available Tuesday to Friday. For an appointment please contact Alana by calling or texting 644-8734 or by visiting her Facebook page Alana Sheppard Aesthetics.

Charles Lee


Charles was born and raised in South Korea and moved to Canada in 2010. He obtained a diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from the Canadian College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bedford, Nova Scotia. (over 2,200 hours of training & study including 600 hours clinic experience) In addition to acupuncture, Charles practices cupping, auricular acupuncture, electro acupuncture, Chinese herbal supplements and ear seeds, to aid the body in gaining strength and healing.

Charles is specialized in infertility and pain management using a combination of Traditional Chinese acupuncture and modern acupuncture techniques such as electro acupuncture to maximize the effect of treatment and to offer maximize fertility ability and earlier healing as soon as possible.

If you had acupuncture treatments before and it didn’t work for you then you might want to consider getting a treatment with Charles. He has a different approach than most and considers multiple methods when he treats his clients. He often combines his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine points of view as well.

Charles never stops learning and continuously works to improve his knowledge and skills. Since he graduated, he has attended several seminars including, most recently, an infertility seminar in Ireland in May 2018 to get trained by a worldwide leader in the infertility field in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The most common symptoms that Charles treats in the clinic are upper and lower back pain, sciatica, knee and elbow pain, shoulder-neck tightness and pain, frozen shoulder, anxiety, depression and digestive issues.

To book an appointment, contact Charles at (506) 425-0302 or