Karen Locke

Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio and Jennifer’s Spring Running Program was instrumental in providing a starting point for me in learning to run. The Basic Beginner Program offered the guidance and structure needed to accomplish something I would never have tried on my own.

Continuing to run throughout the summer – I loved the results I saw. Who would have thought someone who struggled to run 2 minutes could actually end up running 30 minutes straight after only a few weeks!

However, once the weather started to get cooler, days got shorter and work schedule busier, I would give up on my exercise and healthy eating habits completely, gaining 35 pounds over the winter.

October 2008, I purchased a membership at Lifestyles Health & Fitness. The flexible hours and convenient location worked very well. Although there were many days it might have been easier to skip the gym routine and curl up with a good book, the encouraging staff and fun contests & competitions motivated and inspired me to continue.

Instead of gaining 35 pounds over the winter – I have actually lost 35+ pounds and hope to take part in my first 8k run this year. I am looking forward to running during the summer weather but to also take advantage of the air-conditioned studio when the weather gets hot.

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