Marion Moeller

I have been a member at Lifestyles for exactly one year now and wanted to share some of my experiences of the past year. For starters, how did I end up here?  Health issues?  Weight loss?  Healthier lifestyle? All worthy and compelling reasons that SHOULD have brought me to the gym but honestly those were not what brought me to my first class. Pure winter boredom and a “newly empty nest” and the casual comment from my buddy Nicki “let’s try Zumba for a snicker” brought me to the gym for the first time. After huffing and puffing
through that first class followed by a four hour near comatose sleep, time had come to look at where 49 years of carefree eating , one child and a passion for Pepsi had put me. Not a pretty picture and not how I wanted to hit my 50th birthday.

The beauty of changing something about yourself , is that YOU alone are the captain of that ship and success is influenced by no one but yourself. So my goals were simple: a normal BMI of 21-22 and being able to run 5k by my 50th birthday. Thanks to Lifestyles , I am 2 months ahead of schedule , with a weight loss of 35 lbs and the regular completion of a weekly 5k run . The staff at Lifestyles were always helpful and friendly and make everyone feel welcome at their gym.

Although Zumba is still my sentimental favourite , 5:45 am Bootcamp is a heck of a way to start your day!!!

Thank you for a great year!  

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