Mary Sanford

I have been with Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio from the beginning. I have watched the dream grow from a few fitness classes, to a full gym, with something for everyone. What a wonderful success story! The thing about Lifestyles is the instructors have every member in their minds when they are scheduling classes, or creating individual training programs. There are programs for the beginner, low impact, high impact or more advanced cardio. As the instructors constantly remind us “we all work at different levels” and it’s great when you personally advance to the next fitness level. The added bonus, it’s a fun place to come, as everyone is up beat, encouraging and positive and always trying to make us sweat and smile. Like Paulette does, in the middle of a plank!! (One had to be there).

Each instructor brings their own brand of expertise to the fitness floor. From Core to Cardio, Strength and Spin you will be guaranteed a full body workout. Even on those off days when you’re not sure you should have gotten out of bed, come for a workout with the Lifestyles Team and you will go home feeling good about yourself.

Lifestyles is also a great place to explore one’s own personal growth as well. When first starting the Core classes I was a bit discouraged because I was as “flexible as a crowbar” and felt this was beyond my ability, but being encouraged to stick with it I now can touch the floor, have better endurance for every day chores in and around the house and I just feel stronger.

As we constantly read about how exercise can help to increase our energy, health, and well being, what a perfect place to come and challenge ourselves to make a change to our own personal lifestyle.

I am so glad that Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio is here and hope it stays for a very long time, making our community a healthy one.

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