12 Day of Fitness Challenge – Day 1

Welcome to the first day of our Lifestyles 12 Days of Fitness Challenge!  Every day for the next twelve days, you will receive a new exercise to add to your routine which will begin with one exercise and continue accumulating until you finish on Day 12 with a circuit of 12 exercises.  You can do these exercises at home or at the gym, on your own or with a friend.  We encourage you to share this daily challenge with your friends and family so we can ensure that as many people as possible have healthy holidays!

That brings us to our first tip of the challenge: This year, give the gift of fitness to at least one person on your holiday list.  Whether it be asking someone to join you for a walk, offering a gym pass as a gift or engaging a friend or family member in a new fitness routine, by giving the gift of fitness to a loved one, you not only encourage them to live a healthier lifestyle, but you also gain a workout buddy! 

Today’s Exercise:

On the first day of Christmas, our fitness challenge is . . . a 1 minute plank!

To properly execute the plank, begin in the push up position on a mat and lower one arm at a time on to your forearms with your palms flat on the floor or with your hands in fists.  Curl your toes under and engage your abdominals by tilting your pelvis and pulling your belly button in toward your spine. Straighten your body from head to toe but keep your neck and spine neutral.  Hold this position for the full minute if you can.  If you need to modify, come down on to your knees still maintaining the neutral spine.

Good luck!

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