12 Days of Fitness Challenge – Day 7

On the 7th day of fitness your Fitness Challenge is . . . 7 mountain climbers, 6 festive push ups, 5 holiday star jumps, 4 jolly burpees, 3 minute bridge, 2 minute wall squat and a one minute plank!

A mountain climber is a great plyometric exercise which strengthens multiple muscle groups along with working the cardiovascular system.  To perform this exercise, you must activate the core as well as engaging both the upper and lower body.

To perform a mountain climber, start by lying face down on the floor.  Come in to a push up position with your arms slightly more than should distance apart.  Begin by bringing your right knee in to your chest – you are now in the position you would be in if you were climbing up a hill or mountain (this is where the name of the exercise comes from).  Return the right leg to the starting position and repeat on the left side.  Return to start position.  This is one repetition of the exercise.  Repeat 7 times.

To modify the exercise, you can either work off of a bench or even perform it standing using the same motions.  Gradually progress to the more challenging options as you are able.

In the spirit of mountain climbing, our holiday tip for today is to take some time today to enjoy a fun winter fitness activity!  While we wait for the snow to come, activities like skiing, snowshoeing and sliding are still out but be ready when the snow flies to get out and enjoy these fun winter activities!  In the meantime, you can take advantage of some other winter activities like skating and even hiking.  While you may not want to tackle a mountain (always an option though!), there are many scenic trails in our area that provide the opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air while taking in the beauty of the nature that surrounds us here in our region.  Who knows maybe if you start out with some small hills, one day you will decide to turn it in to a mountain – there are always new ways to challenge yourself and find joy in activity that keeps you healthy and loving life! 

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