Lifestyles Fitness

After 17 months of restrictions & closures we are SO excited to be fully reopening on August 1st! Here is what you can expect as we transition back to “Green Phase”:

  • A return to 24/7 access for all members over the age of 18 years and up and 10 PM for those 16 to 18 years. Scan tag access will be fully available at the side door.

  • Masks will no longer be required to be worn by patrons & staff.

  • Physical distancing will continue to be encouraged throughout the facility.

  • We will be continuing our sanitizing protocols with regular cleaning by staff, and requiring members to wipe down equipment after each use.

  • Gym – the booking option will still be offered for those who prefer to reserve ahead, however, drop-ins will be welcome, as space allows.

  • Classes – Class sizes will be increased to 16 participants, marked with “X”s.

We once again ask for your patience as we pivot and work to make your experience with us as enjoyable & comfortable as possible. As always, we welcome your feedback & suggestions.


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We believe SOCIAL CONNECTION is a huge, and often missed, part of holistic health! So, here at Lifestyles we focus on creating opportunities for social connection as well as mind, body and spirit to support your health goals. We want to empower YOU to live a more boundless lifestyle! We are sick and tired of quick fixes, fads & deprivation dominating most people’s health journeys, so we are saying GOOD-BYE to these extremes!