A Work in Progress: A Personal Reflection on Business

By Jen Gendron: Health & Wellness Coach

Being vulnerable is not something that I am super comfortable with – keeping things under control is my comfort zone. Lately, this is not something I have been particularly good at. I have found myself in a tough spot and feel it is something I need to share.

I have been in business now for almost twelve years. I had thought by now I would have it all figured out. That is far from the case.

Despite so many years of experience and lessons learned, I still feel that I have not quite mastered being an entrepreneur yet and still have much to learn!

This past year has brought with it many ups and downs, and a fair share of struggles. On the outside, business is chugging along, but behind the scenes there have been a lot of unexpected struggles.. Despite finally having our own building, these struggles have held us back from achieving all that I thought would be possible by this point; replacing equipment, paving the parking lot, hiring a general manager. In reality, these goals are not yet financially possible, but I strongly believe they will happen.

I am sharing this with you to let you know that my passion for this business and these goals are as strong today as they were 12 years ago. I have grown to learn that I cannot do it all, nor do I need to do it alone. I have realized this past year that help and support is out there, sometimes in unexpected places. When I let myself be vulnerable I have also let in some wonderful people. Sharing my struggles with others has made me feel more supported and connected. There will always be ups and downs in business and in life, but with the unwavering support of my staff team, I will show up everyday and continue to work my hardest to give our customers my best.

From the beginning I have envisioned Lifestyles as a place to not only come and workout, but a place that feels like home – warm, inviting and friendly. A place to provide help and support to you on your journey – mind, body & spirit. When equipment breaks down, toilets back up and the unexpected happens, I am so grateful for our members, the heart and soul of Lifestyles, who show up day after day. I have never been in this alone, you have made this place a hub for our community – a place where YOU can be YOU! For that and for all of you, I am forever grateful!

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