Be The YOU That You Are!

By Jennifer Gendron, Health & Wellness Coach

This Sunday, I was lucky enough to spend the day surrounded by well over a hundred passionate and energetic women at the first “Be – the wellness retreat”. This incredible day was jam-packed with amazing speakers and information that we could take away and begin to implement right away with “inspired action”!

Attending this day really made me stop and reflect not only on my personal goals and dreams, but also where I am going with my business and the message that I want to share with all those who come through our doors here at Lifestyles. I think in today’s world, we are far too focused on body image and looking like cover models than we are only living healthy lives and being proud of ourselves just as we are. The messages delivered throughout the day reminded me over and over again of this all to important message that we as a society unfortunately do not spend much time on.

Good health comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, all kinds of ages and stages and what we all need to remember is that no matter where we are on our own personal journeys, that you are good right where you are today. You and only you have the power to make positive changes, to take first steps and to find your joy in life and this does not come from any quick fix program, from achieving a certain size or shape or from what others think of you. Your joy comes 100% from within.

The fitness industry especially can be guilty of endlessly promoting svelte bodies and glamorous cover models giving us an unrealistic body image and idea of what it really means to be healthy. The mantra of healthy mind, body & spirit is one that I speak of regularly but how often do we all stop to truly reflect on what this means? No matter what number we are chasing on a scale or goal we have set for ourselves, getting there (wherever “there” is for you) is not going to change how you feel about yourself and we all need to remember that we all have the right to be happy and live a life filled with joy and this does not come from a jean size!

I encourage you all to find some time today to just allow yourself to “be”. Be in the moment, be still and reflect on what truly makes you happy and what you can do to bring joy to your life. We all have days where we fall off our goals and eat the chips or skip the workout, but we all have the power each and every day to decide how we are going to let that make us feel. It doesn’t make us a failure or unworthy – it just makes us human! So, if you are feeling like you aren’t “good enough” or are “never going to get there”, just take some to allow yourself to just be you. To be happy with where you are today and where you are going and to get up tomorrow and take the first step towards whatever goals and dreams are in your heart. Every day is a new day on the journey to being YOU! Embrace it and be kind to yourself because the first step begins with you.

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