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By Tara Daye, PTS/FIS We all know that it is important to get adequate sleep but many of us do not get enough. Exactly what affect can this have on your body and its functions? You may be surprised at the number of things that a lack of sleep can
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By Tara Daye, PTS/FIS Tracking your food can be invaluable in your journey to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. In many cases, we think we eat well, but when we track our food to see the whole picture and understand what it means, we are more likely to have success. With
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By Tara Daye, canfitpro PTS/FIS This winter has seemed like one of the longest that we have had in a while. Mix in the length of the winter with the temperature fluctuations, storms and ice, and we are all more than ready for spring to come in 2019! Our bodies
By Jen Gendron: Health & Wellness Coach, PTS/FIS We all experience stress in our lives to varying degrees. A little bit of stress in our lives is actually healthy – it helps to move us forward and pushes us out of our comfort zones. Excessive amounts of stress however have