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By Bruce Langdon, PTS To me, the thought of running on a treadmill for 30 minutes seems unthinkable. I realize cardio is essential to my programming, but I normally incorporate it with my weightlifting (AMRAP, EMOM, etc.). Now that I am concentrating on powerlifting and training (to solely increase my
We are pleased to introduce, Anita Briggs, Pschotherapist/Healing Practitioner, MSc, DCEd, DAc, RET.  Anita will be working out of the Wellness Centre here at Lifestyles on a part-time basis beginning on May 1st. Anita has been working in the healing field for the past 18 years. Psychotherapist and energy healer,
By Tara Daye, PTS/FIS We all know that it is important to get adequate sleep but many of us do not get enough. Exactly what affect can this have on your body and its functions? You may be surprised at the number of things that a lack of sleep can
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By Tara Daye, PTS/FIS Tracking your food can be invaluable in your journey to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. In many cases, we think we eat well, but when we track our food to see the whole picture and understand what it means, we are more likely to have success. With