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We are always looking for ways to boost our intake of nutrients through food or supplements.  What if there was a nutrient-packed food that would not only have value in that sense, but also improve health overall?  Look no further! Spirulina is referred to as a “blue-green algae” but it
Summer is always a hard time to stay on track with our diet and exercise.  There tend to be more BBQs, celebrations, lazy cooking and eating out.  Here are a few tips to keep you on track, or to get you back on track to your healthy lifestyle.  It’s all about planning
This is such a wonderful saying!  It holds so much truth and yet, it is a connection that we don’t often make when we are thinking of physical exercise.  While many of us are well aware of the physical benefits of exercise, we often do not realize how good it
Finding the motivation to work out can often be difficult for many of us and we all go through periods where it is more of a struggle than others.  There are many things that can get us off track – changes to our schedule, family commitments . . . sunny