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On the 2nd day of fitness, your challenge is . . . a 2 minute wall squat and a 1 minute plank.  A wall squat is a great exercise which targets the muscles of the glutes, back, abdomen and thighs. To perform the exercise, stand against a wall with your legs extended out. 
Welcome to the first day of our Lifestyles 12 Days of Fitness Challenge!  Every day for the next twelve days, you will receive a new exercise to add to your routine which will begin with one exercise and continue accumulating until you finish on Day 12 with a circuit of
With December 1st just about upon us, the hustle and bustle of holiday activity is soon to begin.  As you drive around town, signs of the holidays are starting to appear with twinkling lights and garland popping up as people begin to deck their halls.  This is a busy time
As the weather begins to turn cold, it becomes less desirable to get outside for our physical activity.  The month of November can be especially difficult since it is too early to typically have snow and enjoy all of the outdoor activities that come along with the white stuff, so