Caring for Your Mental Health: An Important Part of Your Wellness Regime

By Jen Gendron: Health & Wellness Coach

On Wednesday, October 10th, we take time to recognize the importance of taking care of our mental wellness and understanding the implications of mental health issues by marking World Mental Health Day. This is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. While we have come a long way in recent years in recognizing the impact mental health issues have on our health, many of us continue to struggle in silence with issues we do not feel comfortable addressing. By starting the conversation on mental health, we can begin to make positive changes not only for ourselves but for those around us.

At Lifestyles, we place a great deal of focus on physical fitness, however, we also truly understand the importance of balanced living and we support a holistic approach to overall wellness. If you are currently exercising regularly, that is fantastic as physical activity actually supports mental health. The saying “you are only one workout away from a good mood” is one of my favorites as it truly describes the impact that exercise can have on our mental well-being. The release of positive endorphins that results from physical activity can be a huge mood booster and while you may arrive for a workout feeling stressed, anxious or just generally “down in the dumps”, you will often leave feeling lighter and more positive.

Including alternative practices such as yoga, meditation or other mindfulness training as part of your daily or weekly routine can also greatly support your overall sense of well-being, helping to clear the mind, balance the body and allow you to “de-stress”.

As we come approach World Mental Health Day, I encourage you to take some time to consider what practices you currently have that support your mental health and to also reflect on how you can support others around you to live healthier, more balanced lives.
On Wednesday, October 10th, we are pleased to partner with the Canadian Mental Health Association to offer a free workshop with Dawn O’Dell, Program Coordinator. Dawn will present on mental health & self-care and discuss tips to maintain or improve your overall state of wellness. This workshop is open to all and will take place at 11 AM at Lifestyles. Please consider joining us for this informative presentation.

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