Celebrating 2 Years on Main Street!

By Jen Gendron: Health & Wellness Coach

It seems so hard to believe, but we are already coming up on the 2nd anniversary of our move to 1032 Main Street! This building has felt like home since the moment we moved in and we are so excited to be operating from this amazing location.  In celebration of this milestone, I wanted to share with you some of the rich heritage of this community landmark.

The building was built in 1883 as an Agricultural Hall and it was the site of many events and activities included an annual agricultural fair. In 1955, the Agricultural Society leased the property long term to the Hampton Legion and in 1970, the Legion officially purchased the building and it remained in their possession until it was purchased by Lifestyles Health & Fitness in April 2017.

I had been looking to build or purchase my own facility for over a year when the Legion came for sale. I had not considered it as a potential location but, when urged by a friend to go and take a look at it, I decided that it was definitely worth at least taking a tour. I had been in the Legion many times over the years for various functions but only on the main level and never toured the entire building. As soon as I walked into the upper level of the building and stood in the big front window, I got the vision of what the building could become and how we could make it home to our wellness centre. I have lived in Hampton for my entire life as have several generations of my family before me, many of whom had close ties with the Legion. It just felt “right” to me to take on and preserve this piece of Hampton’s history and I was filled with possibilities for what it could become.

When we purchased the building in April of 2017, it underwent extensive renovations however, it was always my intention to preserve as much of the heritage and history as possible. The contractor I worked with was amazing and shared the same vision to preserve the building’s history and was able to preserve the beautiful beams running through the upper level as well as several other historic touches. He also included red poppies at the roof of the building as a constant reminder of the building’s history and, in the basement, you still find a set of knots tied to one of the beams that were placed their by the cadets many years ago.

My favorite part about the move was that it allowed us to go from being mainly just a gym to a full fledged health & wellness centre and in addition to our 24/7 fitness centre, we now also offer a number of programs and services to support healthy living in our community – mind, body & soul. We have several practitioners working from the facility now including an aesthetician, massage therapist, energy medicine practitioner, acupuncturist, reflexologist & more. We regularly hold a variety of workshops and programs to support all aspects of health and wellness.

As the building has always been a gathering place for the community both as the Agricultural Hall and then again with the Legion, it was very important to us to continue on with that feel. We have really worked hard to try to make this feel like a place where people can come and gather not only to participate in exercise and other activities, but to enjoy a cup of coffee and chat with friends! We have a Java Moose coffee counter and a cozy and welcoming front lobby where we invite all members of the community to drop by and spend some time with us!

We are very proud of this beautiful part of Hampton’s history and look forward to serving our customers from this location for many, many more years to come and we invite all members of the community to drop by and say hello – our doors are always open!

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