Change is in the Air for September!

By Jen Gendron: Health & Wellness Coach

The seasons aren’t the only thing changing – not at our house any way!

September 1st is going to be a time of change for Dan & I as we embark on a challenge to get ourselves in to a better state of health both physically and mentally. Maybe you can relate? In fact, maybe you will even want to join us and make this a time of change for you too?!?

While we are both quite physically active (Dan more so than me at this point if the truth be told!) and eat a healthy diet (most of the time!), Dan & I have both put on some extra pounds over the last two years that we are having a hard time shedding and stress has had a lot to do with it but we also have some bad habits that can use some tweaking!

Over the last two years, life has thrown us a lot of curves and changes that have put us both under a lot of stress. Stress has become such a regular part of everyday life for most people in today’s society that I don’t think many of us even realize just how much of an impact it has. For us, some of the stressors have been self-induced (especially for me as I have a tendency to take on a bit too much!) while others have been outside of our control.  In the last two years alone we have had a lot of life changes – I embarked on a project to purchase & renovate a building for my business almost concurrently with Dan’s diagnosis of PTSD which led to his subsequent need to take an early retirement from the career he loved, we then made two moves, had two of our children leave home & then return, experienced business ups & downs that have kept me up at night, and I have dealt with a total burn out and the subsequent thyroid and adrenal issues that have kept me feeling exhausted.

Fast forward to today and we are both carrying around a little extra weight and feeling more sluggish and tired than we would like. So . . . I have proposed a bit of a “lifestyle makeover” challenge for us to keep each other on track & motivated to make changes beginning on September 1st and Dan has agreed (only a slight amount of arm twisting was required!!)

While I have been quite open and vocal about sharing our story over the years, Dan is normally one who likes to stay back in the shadows but he has agreed to let me share our story as well as our journey in the hopes that maybe we can encourage some of you to make some positive changes as well! While I work full time in the fitness industry and own a gym, many of you know that staying on track with exercise is a struggle for me and more so lately due to the health issues I have been encountering. Eating well has always been important to us, however, lately we have been off-track and in summer mode, and for me, stress eating has been something that I find hard to avoid at times. For both of us, our goals for wanting to make changes are similar – we want to feel energized and healthy.

For Dan, over the years of police work, working out was not only important for the physical aspects of his job, but it was also his way of coping mentally with such stressful work and that has not changed since his early retirement, as he has remained dedicated to his workouts to help him through this most recent life struggle.

Neither one of us are looking to compete on-stage or run a marathon – being healthy for us simply means being able to take on our daily life feeling good. We want to be able to travel and hike and see the world from as many angles as we can, be able to keep up with our busy grown sons (and hopefully one day some grandkids) and get through our day with energy to spare! 

Being healthy for us means avoiding disease, being able to cope with life stresses and to take on anything we want without our health holding us back. Can you relate? If this sounds like something that resonates with you, I encourage you to follow us along on this journey! Reach out and share your personal goals and let us know how we can help you reach them.

Together, we have committed to a combined goal to lose 30 lbs. We know that this will take some time as it did not creep on over night! For me, another big part of this process is to improve my sleep and reduce stress so lifestyle changes in that regard will also be part of the journey.

You can follow along with us through my Facebook page by joining HERE and watch for more blogposts with ideas, tips, recipes and more to help you live your best life starting today! Won’t you join us?!?

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