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Are you ready to make the commitment towards positive change in your workplace?  In today’s fast paced world, many people are overscheduled and overworked with high levels of stress both on and off the job.  Living largely sedentary lifestyles is leading to epidemic levels of chronic health problems and skyrocketing obesity rates.  You can be part of the change in your own workplace by implementing some easy to follow programs to get your staff started on their own personal wellness journeys! During this interactive presentation, Jennifer will share with you some of the most up to date research on exercise and will cover creative ways that you can incorporate long lasting and sustainable programs in your workplaces right away. From this presentation, you can expect to take away:
  • Creative programming ideas that you can begin to implement immediately in your workplace.
  • Tips on how to engage all types of people from those who are already somewhat active to the totally sedentary.
  • Sample exercise and program handouts that you can share with your staff.
  • Simple ideas for exercises that can be done any place and any time with minimal to no equipment.
This session will leave you feeling energized and ready to inspire your team to get started right away so that you can immediately begin to help your team on their way to better health!
Ready to make changes in your life but not sure how to get there?  Struggling to stay on track with your wellness routine?  Jennifer will share with you some simple strategies to begin to live a healthier lifestyle.  She will touch on the importance of being active, healthy eating, proper sleep and most importantly attitude.  Participants will learn that it takes a combination of all of these things to truly begin to live a healthy lifestyle and that until they are able to identify the roadblocks in their own lives as well as the triggers that set poor habits in motion, their goals will continue to remain out of reach.  By the end of this workshop, participants will have some tools they can take home immediately to begin to make sustainable changes in their lives. From this presentation, you can expect to take away:
  • A better understanding of your own personal roadblocks and triggers.
  • Tips on developing a routine that is realistic and sustainable for your own lifestyle.
  • Handouts that include a Healthy Living log book.
This session will leave you feeling inspired to begin to make changes immediately that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.
Using her personal experience with overcoming adversity in her own life. Jennifer will talk about how everyone is faced with unexpected challenges and roadblocks in their lives that can completely derail them.  However, it is how you deal with these challenges that determines failure or success in life.  Unexpected illnesses, injuries or financial or marital problems can completely devastate us or, they can make us stronger.  Jennifer will share how physical and mental fitness plays an important role in our ability to cope with stressful situations and trying times.  Your mindset and overall outlook on life can give you the tools you need to overcome any challenge and thrive in the face of adversity. From this presentation, you can expect to take away:
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult situations that you can begin to implement right away.
  • A better understanding of how your mindset can determine the outcome when you face adversity.
  • Handouts including a recommended reading list.
This session will leave you feeling armed to take on challenges with confidence knowing you have the skills needed to face them head on.
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