COVID-19 Guidelines & Best Practices for Our Members

The health & safety of our members & staff is of utmost importance to us.  Below are some of the guidelines we are following to keep you sage.  Please take a moment to review:

If you would like a copy of these details to read offline or print, please click this download link.

Facility Preparation

We have established designated workout spaces based upon our revised maximum occupancy limitations.  We have taped off these areas and installed temporary partitions where needed at a minimum of 10’ between each client within the floorspace.  Please be sure to respect these boundaries.

The necessary equipment for each workout area has been set up in advance and it is easily accessible within your designated workspace.  Should you require any other equipment that is not available in your workout area, please notify a staff member upon check in or when booking your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate you if at all possible.

The following stations have been set up:

  • Station 1 – Cardio #1 (Treadmill & Elliptical)
  • Station 2 – Cardio #2 (Treadmill & Elliptical)
  • Station 3 – Cardio #3 (Treadmill & Crossramp)
  • Station 4 – Cardio #4 (Treadmill, Nustep & Recumbent Bike)
  • Station 5 – Stairmaster & Roman Chair
  • Station 6 – Mixed (Gravitron, Leg Press, Rhomboid, Ab, Air Bike)
  • Station 7 – Upper Body (Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Lat, Seated Row, Rowing Machine)
  • Station 8 – Lower Body (Leg Machines, Pec Dec, Upright Bike)
  • Station 9 – Free Weights (Squat rack, heavy dumbbells, preacher curl bench)
  • Station 10 – Cable Machine & Nustep
  • Station 11 – Free Weights (Dumbbells, Barbells, Medicine Balls)

Limit of People in the Facility

Waiting areas will be closed during this time and members are asked to wait outside the facility until their class time or until their hour in the gym has begun.  Each session will allow for a 10-minute buffer to allow you time to safely clean up your station and exit the facility prior to the next group entering.  You will be asked to come in the front door & check in with our staff and exit via the back door.

Our class sizes have been limited to no more than 9 people plus an instructor in the studio at any one time.  This will ensure a safe physical distancing measure of 8 feet between members.  We have set up stations of equipment in each area for your use.  After each class, members will be asked to sanitize their equipment with the cleaning supplies provided in their own station.

We have added a time block of open gym to our schedule for our Vulnerable Population Only members.  For these members, we are diligently working to ensure that the facility is thoroughly cleaned and additionally sanitized just before this time block for the safety and security of these valued members of our community.

Pre-Screening Questions

All members who enter the facility will be asked screening questions based on the Provincial guidelines prior to entering the facility.  We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions before you leave your home (if your response to any is “yes” we ask that you do not visit the facility):

  • Do you have a cough or fever?
  • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?
  • Have you travelled outside the province in the last 14 days?

Accessing the Facility

  • Upon arrival, please wait outside or in your car maintaining appropriate physical distancing from other members arriving for the same timeslot.
  • A member of our team will be along to great you at your scheduled time.
  • A face mask must be worn when entering the building until you reach your personal station.
  • Members will be asked to enter through the front door & scan in at the front desk using your membership fob.  
  • Remove outdoor shoes & place them in a bag with any other belongings (bags will be provided should you forget to bring one).
  • Wash your hands in the main lobby washroom with warm soapy water.
  • Keep your belongings with you & bring them to your station as you will be exiting via the back door after your class or gym time.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment & Best Practice

  • Staff will be required to wear masks at any time where physical distancing from clients or other staff members is not possible.  
  • Hand washing with soap and warm water will be required for all staff between every class or customer interaction.

Maintaining Social Distancing

Common Areas:

  • Spacing between people in the facility should be at least 6 feet at all times. 
  • Appropriate markings have been placed on the floor for where you should stand to wait to enter class or the gym area.
  • Masks are to be worn in all common areas.


  • Designated sections have been laid out to meet the proper social distancing requirements.
  • We will endeavor to ensure that while teaching classes, our staff maintains an adequate amount of social distancing from members and ensure each member understand the requirement to stay within their designated workout space.  


  • Stations have been section off as indicated above.
  • Members are to remain within their designated stations as laid out by the floor markings.
  • Follow the arrows to take you to your designated space & to exit the building once your workout is complete.

Modifications of Activities

Certain classes may need to be cancelled or offered only as a virtual option for the time being if they fail to allow for the proper distancing.

Outdoor options will be explored and implemented once the provincial guidelines allow.

Retail & Perishable Foods

All retail will only be handled by staff wearing disposable gloves.

We will not allow for any foods to be brought in or consumed in the building at this time.


Guidelines are posted throughout the facility using appropriate signage.  Please be sure to take the time to review all signage and direct any questions you may have to a member of our team.


Our facility will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to re-opening.  We will be disinfecting all surfaces & equipment.

We will maintain a regular schedule for disinfection for all equipment, surfaces and washrooms throughout the day.

At the end of each workout session, you will be expected to thoroughly wipe down and disinfect your designated workout area and all equipment.

We will allow adequate time after each class and before the next class or beginning of open gym periods to conduct disinfection as described above.

We discourage the exchange of cash if at all possible.  If it is unavoidable, be sure to wash & sanitize your hands well after each transaction.  The use of credit/debit transactions, e-transfers or online purchases is preferred.

Other Items:

  • Locker rooms/showers & saunas will not be available at this time.  The main lobby washroom will be accessible for members.  The water fountain will not be available & we suggest you bring water from home.
  • Our 24/7 access system will continue to remain disabled.  
  • Appointments are required for use of the gym area as well as for group fitness classes.  Drop ins will not be available at this time.
  • Personal training will now be available in the lower level and following the necessary guidelines.  Trainers will be taking one on one and semi-private appointments beginning on June 1st
  • The health & safety of our members & team is of utmost importance & we will be strictly enforcing all procedures as outline & all members will be expected to follow them.

We thank you for your cooperation & understanding as we move into this new phase of operation.  We welcome any feedback & suggestions you might have on how we can make your experience with us more comfortable.