By Jennifer Gendron, canfitpro PTS/FIS

Fall is my favorite time of year!  It is a time when we are surrounded by so much beauty that the great outdoors just calls to me!  This fall, we have really been spoiled with so many days of sunshine and warm temperatures that it has just been incredible!  I hope you are finding the time to get out and enjoy all of nature’s magic!

As we shift from the summer months in to the fall, we are all getting settled back in to routine and it is a time that many of us look for ways to return to a regular physical activity plan after the lazier days of summer.  If you have taken some time away from your program or if you are starting something new, remember to ease in to things slowly to avoid injury.  If you are struggling with getting back on track, start by coming up with a plan.  How will you find the time to schedule activity in to your day?  Not having enough time is the number one issue I hear from my clients when it comes to missing their workouts and to be honest, I struggle regularly with this myself.  However, we all have the same number of hours in the day and if we treat our health as a priority and schedule in our fitness and wellness activities just like any other appointment, it will go a long way to keeping us on track.

If accountability is an issue, consider getting a workout buddy so you can help each other with this as it is a common obstacle many of us face.  Other ways to overcome this struggle is to hire a trainer who will monitor your progress and continue to challenge you on a regular basis or, sign up for a group program to join with others who are working on similar goals.  Not only will that offer you an extra level of accountability, it is a great way to connect with others and build community.  The energy of a training group is contagious and sure to have you looking forward to coming back each week for more!

So make yourself a priority this fall and be sure to schedule in some time for physical fitness as well as some down time for your mental well-being.  We still have some beautiful days ahead of us – there is nothing like a walk, run or hike through our beautiful surroundings to not only get our exercise for the day but to relax and rejuvenate ourselves.  Enjoy!

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