Find Motivation with a Workout Buddy

Sticking to a regular routine can be one of the most challenging parts of achieving fitness goals for most people.  Life can often get in the way and easily steer us off track when we are working alone to try and achieve our goals.  Unless you are a highly motivated person who consistently stays on track, sticking to a long-term fitness plan alone can be a major challenge.  The best solution?  Find yourself a workout buddy! 

There are many benefits to working out with a friend or family member who shares a common goal and is also ready to commit to achieving success.  Here are a few of the many reasons why working out with a friend will help to keep you on track! 

1.  You Will Be More Motivated – Not really feeling like hitting the gym today?  It is very easy to cancel your plans with  yourself but not so easy if you have plans to meet your workout buddy!  By working out with a friend, you will be much less likely to cancel a workout and more likely to keep it as you would any other appointment.  Your buddy will be counting on you and vice versa!

2. Time Will Fly – If working out feels like a chore and you are constantly watching the clock, then working out with a buddy can be a great way to battle the boredom!  Chatting with a friend throughout your workout, sharing exercise ideas or acting as spotters for each other can make the time pass much more quickly and before you know it, your workout will be complete!

3. You Will Make the Time – Too often we use the “I don’t have time” excuse for not working out.  If you have someone relying on you as their workout partner, you are much more likely to make the time in your busy schedule to get that workout in.  Start thinking of it like any other appointment and booking it in to your calendar.

4. Your Workouts Will Be More Fun – When you workout with a partner, you have someone else to work with who can help you come up with creative ways to get motivated and change up your workout on a regular basis.  You can participate in activities that require a partner such as kickboxing, tennis or even act as spotters for one another for a weight training session.  By working out with a partner, you can bring more variety in to your workout to fight boredom and keep it fresh!

5. You Will Have Support on the Tough Days – Sometimes we don’t see progress as quickly as we had hoped or we don’t feel we are achieving as much as think we should be.  A workout buddy can be an objective cheerleader who can point out things you may not have noticed in yourself.  Your partner is there to cheer you on and remind you of the progress you have made so far and you will be able to do the same for them.  This will provide you with ongoing motivation when times are tough.

6. You Will Have Someone to Celebrate With – When you do achieve the success you were looking for, celebrating alone is not much fun!  If you and your workout partner set goals for yourselves, you can celebrate together as you reach milestones along the way.  Plan a fun way to celebrate or treat yourselves for the hard work you have accomplished!

At the end of the day, anything that we may find a bit of a struggle is always more easily accomplished with the company of a friend.  Think about who you know who might be ready to make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle and see if they are ready to commit to being your workout partner.  In the end, you will both be better off for making the commitment and working together to achieve a common goal!

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