Holiday Survial – No Gain, Just Maintain!

By Jennifer Gendron
canfitpro PTS, FIS & HWL

The holiday season is quickly approaching and already, the festive treats and temptations are popping up in stores every where!  This can be such a hard time of year for many people as both our eating habits and our fitness routines can be quite disrupted with holiday parties and other events that have us indulging more and working out less!  Studies show that 80% of annual weight gain happens between now and January 1st – yikes!!

For obvious reasons, this is not the time of year when we want to set ourselves up with a weight loss goal however, it also does not have to be the time of year that we end up packing on extra pounds either.  By putting a solid plan in place and being mindful of the events and activities that tend to cause us to fall in to bad habits, we can get through the holidays in a healthy way while still enjoying some treats and good times.

As many of you know, we have been running a sugar detox challenge since November 1st and have 75 participants working on cleaning up their eating habits and removing a lot of the refined sugar and processed foods from their meal plans.  Beginning on December 1st, I will be launching my next challenge which is a Holiday Survival plan that I like to call “NO Gain, Just Maintain”!  This challenge will focus on making healthier choices over the holidays that will allow us to enjoy ourselves and indulge occasionally but not end up on January 1st with extra pounds of weight gain and regretting our decisions.

Would you like to some help in getting through the next few weeks in a healthy way?  Do you want to be at your current weight come January 1st and not afraid to put your jeans on?  Join me and our Lifestyle Healthy Living Group for this FREE challenge!  I will be offering tips, tricks and suggestions to keep you on track throughout the holidays and you will also have the support from others in our private Facebook group to help you along the way!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in taking on, send me a private Facebook message to Jennifer Gendron or email me at with “Bring on the Holiday Survival tools!” in the subject and I will be happy to add you to our group!

Looking forward to this journey to happy and healthy holidays!

Yours in wellness,


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