Meet Our Staff

JENNIFER GENDRON, Health & Wellness Coach, Owner/General Manager Lifestyles Fitness

canfitpro PTS/FIS/HWL & PRO TRAINER, CCF Certified Coach Practitioner

Jennifer founded Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio in 2008 as a small group fitness studio and has grown the business over the years in to the full-service health & wellness center that it is today. She has worked in the fitness industry since 2004 where she began her career in a gym setting as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor before adding additional certifications and bringing teaching and coaching in to her portfolio.

Jennifer is a canfitpro PRO TRAINER as well as a certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Specialist.  She has also completed the canfitpro Healthy Eating & Weight Loss certification and has most recently attained the designation of Certified Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation of Canada.  In addition to these certifications, Jennifer has completed training and certifications in Level 1 YogaFit, YMCA Group Cycling and Level 1 Pilates, Transcendent Meditation and is a Level 1 Reiki practitioner.

Jennifer is passionate about health and wellness and truly believes in the importance of living a balanced lifestyle focusing not only on physical health but on the mind, body, spirit connection that addresses total wellness.  As a Health & Wellness Coach, Jennifer enjoys helping clients empower themselves to attain their goals and achieve balanced lifestyles through her life & wellness coaching.  She also works as a course facilitator and presenter with a passion for motivating others to reach their full potential.

Outside of work, Jennifer and her husband Dan are the busy parents of three teenage boys.  She sits on a number of non-profit boards and is actively involved in the community and personally enjoys running, cycling, playing hockey, hiking, and practicing yoga, meditation and drumming.

Contact us today to book your free consultation with Jen to find out how she can help you on your journey to becoming a holistically healthy you!

JANICE MCCURDY, Group Fitness Coordinator


Janice joined the Lifestyles team in 2015 bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience having been active as a fitness professional since the early 90s.

She originally certified with Fitness NB and has held several certifications including Fitness Instructor, Older Adjust Leader, Weight Training Leader, Fitness Instructor Evaluator and Certified Fitness Consultant.  She now holds her certifications through canfitpro and holds both the FIS (Fitness Instructor Specialist) and PTS (Personal Trainer Specialist) certifications.  In addition, she most recently obtained her canfitpro PRO TRAINER certification as an associate.  She also holds certifications in both YogaFit Leve 1 & 2.

Janice teaches a wide variety of group fitness classes and also enjoys working with a number of Personal Training clients with would include new exercisers, older adults, those recovering from injury and anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and achieve new fitness goals.  In her role as Group Fitness Coordinator, Janice also oversees the group fitness programming at Lifestyles as well as the training and hiring of group fitness instructors.

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Debbie joined the Lifestyles crew in 2013 as a member of our customer service team.  After working over 20 years in the corporate world, Debbie was ready for a career change and was looking to pursue her passion for fitness.


Since that time, Debbie has completed her Personal Trainer Specialist certification and is now working to add the Healthy Eating & Weight loss and Fitness Instructor Specialist certifications to her list of qualifications.  Debbie enjoys working with a variety of clients and is especially passionate about working with new exercisers and also those more experienced but looking for that extra guidance to help them take their program to the next level.  She is now booking consultations and taking on new clients in a variety of timeslots.

In addition to her training, Debbie’s smiling face is the first that greets members as the come in the front door.  She is quick to ensure that new members feel welcome and comfortable in our facility and is always available to answer members’ questions.

Debbie is an avid cycling and group fitness enthusiast who is quick to share her passion for fitness and healthy living with everyone she meets.  Drop in to see Deb today to find out how she can help you achieve your goals!

KIM LONG, canfitpro PTS/FIS, YMCA Cycling Instructor

Kim started out as an active member at Lifestyles and developed a passion for fitness that she wanted to share with others.  This led her to become a canfitpro certified Fitness Instructor Specialist in May of 2008.

She also completed her Level 1 Pilates training as well as her YMCA Cycling certification.  Most recently, Kim attained her canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist certification.

Kim has exercised for as long as she can remember because it makes her feel healthier and more vibrant.  Teaching allows her to continue to push herself physically and share her knowledge with all participants while continuing to learn and stay current within the fitness industry.

Kim enjoys teaching a variety of group fitness classes and is looking forward to now working one on one with clients from older adults to those looking to begin or enhance their own personal fitness journeys.


Tammie Fournier is an adult educator, respiratory therapist and certified respiratory educator (specializing in asthma and COPD). She is a fellow of the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists and is licensed with the New Brunswick Association of Respiratory Therapists.

Tammie has been a registered respiratory therapist and certified fitness instructor since 1992 and has a passion for cardiorespiratory health, self-management education, and pulmonary rehabilitation (including smoking cessation).

Tammie is a Certified Tobacco Educator through the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care and believes strongly in supporting and empowering individuals during their quit smoking journey, without criticizing them. She is very happy to have started bringing smoking cessation workshops to Lifestyles Health and Fitness Studio.

Topics covered during the workshops include understanding the reasons behind the cravings, discovering one’s own power and motivations to stop, learning the various options that assist in smoking cessation, and finally, formulating a personal plan to stop smoking.

To enroll in an upcoming group smoking cessation workshop, please contact Lifestyles at 832-4848 or

If you are interested in one-on-one smoking cessation counselling in your own home, please contact Tammie at or call/text 1-506-650-4078.

Tammie is a registered Blue Cross provider. One-on-one quit smoking education is reimbursed by some Medavie Blue Cross plans through the Chronic Disease Management program.

KATHY AUBIN-MARTIN, canfitpro FIS/PTS  Yoga Instructor

 Kathy has been passionate about wellness for as long as she can remember! A wife, mother, and elementary school teacher, she makes fitness a priority!

She is a certified yoga instructor, fitness instructor and personal trainer. More than anything Kathy loves embracing fitness challenges and sharing fun ways to keep in shape! She brings enthusiasm and energy for fitness, health and well-being to all of her classes!

LORI MURPHY, Personal Trainer, canfitpro PTS

After many years as a stay at home in a large blended family, Lori re-entered the work force as a Customer Experience Agent at Lifestyles in 2018.  She quickly followed this up by receiving her Personal Training Specialist certification from canfitpro and taking on the role of instructing a weekly fitness class.

Prior to certification, Lori trained with trainer Tara Daye of Stage Perfect as a bodybuilder, and competed in the Atlantic Class Championships as a member of the Canadian Physique Alliance.

Lori enjoys weightlifting, functional training, and outdoor fitness.  She is excited to help clients realize their strength and achieve a greater level of confidence and courage.