"It was an idea I had been carrying around in my heart for a long time & the time felt right to bring my passion for health & wellness to our amazing little town!"


Lifestyles Health Club - Who We Are

Over the years, the business grew & evolved from a fitness studio to a full gym & we made several moves but throughout that time, I always felt like something was missing. We were focused on the physical aspect of health but there were so many missing pieces! I truly believe that in order to achieve overall health & live our best life, we can’t focus solely on the physical aspect of wellness.


There needs to be equal emphasis on mental, spiritual AND social health! I put the dream of creating a full service “Wellness Centre” in place in July of 2017 with a move in to a beautiful historic building that we renovated & turned into space that served our community well but still, something was missing. The pursuit of this growth had brought us to the point where we were missing the opportunity for that connection piece that I believe in so strongly.

I was now managing a “centre” instead of connecting with a community! In early 2020, I set out with my team to make the changes we would need to shift directions and we were on to something and then, Covid hit! All the planning we had been working so hard on suddenly became irrelevant.


Through this struggle, I have done some true soul searching & have spent hours in deep discussion with my team to really determine what we need to do to right this ship to not only survive this storm but to really become the facility that we have all dreamed of. That is why, we made the decision to make one more final move in 2020 to finally “right size” this business. To become the health & wellness club that we feel so strongly about. To give the opportunity to be able to connect on a personal level with all of our members & truly get to know the hopes & dreams of each & every Wellness Warrior that makes up part of our tribe!

Lifestyles Health Club - Who We Are