Personal Training

Are you looking to make a serious life change? Do you have a fitness goal you wish to achieve and need guidance on how to reach it? Are you new to the gym and looking for direction on how to get started? Our personal trainers can assist you on your journey.

Our certified personal trainers will design a custom program to suit your fitness level and goals. Prior to starting with a personal training package, your trainer will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your individual needs to ensure the program they design is right for you. It is also highly recommended that a Functional Movement Screen be undertaken in order to allow for the most client specific program.

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HST applies to all pricing

New Member Promotion: Purchase an annual membership and receive a 30% discount on the purchase of 5 personal training session – purchase a 5 session package for only $199 (private) or $175 (semi-private). Offer valid from 30 days from time of membership purchase.

Annual Members: Take advantage of a special promotion once a year on your anniversary date to keep your program fresh and the results coming! Receive a 20% discount off of the purchase of any private or semi-private personal training package on your anniversary date.

Payment Plan: Purchase a personal training package of 10 sessions or more and take advantage of our direct payment plan with monthly or bi-monthly options. Ask your trainer for details!

Additional Services

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Mini fitness assessment: Includes a standard weigh-in and full body measurements to track progress.

Body composition analysis: A detailed breakdown and printout of your body composition to discover the percentage of muscle, body fat, water & bone density to better track your progress and know where to focus your efforts in the gym.

Functional movement screen: A screening tool designed to identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance. The screen results will give you tips specifically tailored to improve your body’s movement patterns, increase flexibility where it is most needed and have the benefits translate into your strength workouts and every day living.

Full fitness assessment: Includes weigh-in, measurements and testing in the areas of strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility to determine areas that require focus. Clients will be provided with their results and comparative norms.

Program design: Includes an initial consultation with your trainer to review your health history and fitness goals as well as some basic fitness testing. Your trainer will customize a program specific to your needs and conduct a follow up session to review it with you.

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