Summer Time Fitness

By Jen Gendron, Health & Wellness Coach

We all have our reasons for straying from our regular fitness routine in the summer. Around the gym, we often hear things like “I have so much going on in the summer time that I just don’t have time to get to the gym!” or “I ride my bike/golf/run outside during the summer months so I don’t need to get to the gym!” While these activities are all fantastic additions to your summer routine, you want to make sure they don’t totally derail you from your regular exercise program and leave you feeling set back come fall.

Rather than giving up your gym routine totally in the summer, why not consider altering it? For example, if you are short on time, consider shifting from the longer workouts you may have time for in the colder months and instead incorporate some H.I.I.T. style training. By H.I.I.T. we are referring to “high intensity interval training”, where you increase your intensity and shorten up your rest periods to get a great workout in a shorter amount of time. By switching things up, you can still get that burst of activity you need to maintain your strength and cardiovascular gains without taking up as much of your time when you would rather be outside, or enjoying the many social activities of summer.

If you are someone who takes advantage of the nicer weather to enjoy one of the many outdoor activities such as cycling, running, golf or summer sports, then you are replacing the cardio you would have done at the gym with some great alternatives! However, you want to ensure you are still getting the strength training in that will not only help you maintain your current fitness level but help you to be stronger for your sport or activity. Taking part in classes such as Body Sculpt or taking in a circuit workout in the gym will allow you to stay strong all summer long and excel in your sport or activity. Getting in to a yoga class is also a great compliment to the sports and activities you may be doing by maintaining or increasing flexibility and help you recover quicker from the activities you are participating in.

While summer has us all on different schedules and enjoying a variety of different activities that can’t be done in the winter time, by making a few regular visits to the gym each week, you are giving yourself many increased benefits. You will keep your exercise program balanced, your fitness level constant and when the colder months roll back around, your body will thank you for not having to start all over again but instead, just being able to pick up where you left off and continuing to make progress!

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