Taking Imperfect Action

By Jennifer Gendron, Health & Wellness Coach, PTS/FIS

“Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time” – Harry Truman.

I just love this quote as it is so true! Often, we get held back from pursuing our goals as we are waiting for the “right time” to get started. Frequently, I hear clients say things like, “I will start taking time for myself when the kids get older”, “I will join the gym once I lose that first 10 lbs”, “I will get to that goal some day when [I have more time/things slow down at work] etc., etc. But the truth is, there will never be a “perfect” time to embark on our goals and there will always be obstacles and things that get in the way. So, by starting now and taking imperfect action, you will be taking the first step in the right direction. Yes, you may fall or sometimes slide back however, you can always get back up. Each new day brings you the chance to start again and move yourself closer to that which you desire.

In today’s world, we tend to have an “all or nothing” mentality which holds us back from the things we want the most. We start on something, have a set back and throw in the towel because we feel that we have failed. But if we take the approach of continuing on with imperfect action and doing the best we can each and every day, slowly but surely we will see the changes we are looking for.

So no matter what goal you have set for yourself in 2019, whether it be losing weight, getting more active, reducing your stress levels, getting more sleep, or anything else you aspire to achieve, start today by taking the leap and knowing that no matter how many times you need to take that first step and no matter how often you struggle and get off track, by staying the course and taking daily imperfect action, you will move yourself ever closer to your goal.

Another one of my favorite quotes says it all, “I am going to leap. It is going to be messy, and that is going to be perfect!” This quote hangs above my desk so I can remind myself every day that with small steps and continuous action, I will reach my goals one day at a time. What will your first step be?

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