Karen Locke

Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio and Jennifer's Spring Running Program was instrumental in providing a starting point for me in learning to run. The Basic Beginner Program offered the guidance and structure needed to accomplish something I would never have tried on my own.

Continuing to run throughout the summer - I loved the results I saw. Who would have thought someone who struggled to run 2 minutes could actually end up running 30 minutes straight after only a few weeks!

However, once the weather started to get cooler, days got shorter and work schedule busier, I would give up on my exercise and healthy eating habits completely, gaining 35 pounds over the winter.

October 2008, I purchased a membership at Lifestyles Health & Fitness. The flexible hours and convenient location worked very well. Although there were many days it might have been easier to skip the gym routine and curl up with a good book, the encouraging staff and fun contests & competitions motivated and inspired me to continue.

Instead of gaining 35 pounds over the winter - I have actually lost 35+ pounds and hope to take part in my first 8k run this year. I am looking forward to running during the summer weather but to also take advantage of the air-conditioned studio when the weather gets hot.

Sonya Brown

I joined Lifestyles last summer for a three month exercise program as well as some sessions with Paulette for core strength training.

Paulette styles the core program suitable to your body and explains them in a clear way.  I find the core program has helped me over all with my balance, strength, running and just standing taller.

The staff are always friendly and professional to clients and each other. Always a positive environment.

Throughout the day when doing my regular activities I often hear this little voice reminding me to "engage your core" : I now am a full member with gym equipment and classes. Always a good variety.

Mary Sanford

I have been with Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio from the beginning. I have watched the dream grow from a few fitness classes, to a full gym, with something for everyone. What a wonderful success story! The thing about Lifestyles is the instructors have every member in their minds when they are scheduling classes, or creating individual training programs. There are programs for the beginner, low impact, high impact or more advanced cardio. As the instructors constantly remind us "we all work at different levels" and it's great when you personally advance to the next fitness level. The added bonus, it's a fun place to come, as everyone is up beat, encouraging and positive and always trying to make us sweat and smile. Like Paulette does, in the middle of a plank!! (One had to be there).

Each instructor brings their own brand of expertise to the fitness floor. From Core to Cardio, Strength and Spin you will be guaranteed a full body workout. Even on those off days when you're not sure you should have gotten out of bed, come for a workout with the Lifestyles Team and you will go home feeling good about yourself.

Lifestyles is also a great place to explore one's own personal growth as well. When first starting the Core classes I was a bit discouraged because I was as "flexible as a crowbar" and felt this was beyond my ability, but being encouraged to stick with it I now can touch the floor, have better endurance for every day chores in and around the house and I just feel stronger.

As we constantly read about how exercise can help to increase our energy, health, and well being, what a perfect place to come and challenge ourselves to make a change to our own personal lifestyle.

I am so glad that Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio is here and hope it stays for a very long time, making our community a healthy one.

Shannon Graham

If you ever wanted to start an exercise program and thought you did not belong in a gym you can take it from me (someone who has never been athletic in my life - to say the least) this gym has something for everyone.

The instructors are all very encouraging and always available to help. There are many options available so you can continually change your exercise routine. Personally I like to dance so Zumba is my class of choice and believe me you don't have to be a great dancer to burn a lot of calories, you just have to have a good time.

I truly enjoy all the classes I attend (body sculpt, pilates, zumba) and am looking forward to trying new classes at Lifestyles Health and Fitness Studio in the near future.

You will never regret giving it a try - that's how I got started 3 years ago.

Kathy McPhee

Just a quick note on how Lifestyles has changed my daily life!

I look forward to each day and always love the variety of classes you have to offer!! Love the challenge of the early morning bootcamp!!

I have met new people and made some new friends as well and above all have noticed a huge change in my fitness level and my self-esteem.

You have all made me feel welcome and I am thankful that the gym is a part of my daily schedule.

Marion Moeller

I have been a member at Lifestyles for exactly one year now and wanted to share some of my experiences of the past year. For starters, how did I end up here?  Health issues?  Weight loss?  Healthier lifestyle? All worthy and compelling reasons that SHOULD have brought me to the gym but honestly those were not what brought me to my first class. Pure winter boredom and a "newly empty nest" and the casual comment from my buddy Nicki "let’s try Zumba for a snicker" brought me to the gym for the first time. After huffing and puffing
through that first class followed by a four hour near comatose sleep, time had come to look at where 49 years of carefree eating , one child and a passion for Pepsi had put me. Not a pretty picture and not how I wanted to hit my 50th birthday.

The beauty of changing something about yourself , is that YOU alone are the captain of that ship and success is influenced by no one but yourself. So my goals were simple: a normal BMI of 21-22 and being able to run 5k by my 50th birthday. Thanks to Lifestyles , I am 2 months ahead of schedule , with a weight loss of 35 lbs and the regular completion of a weekly 5k run . The staff at Lifestyles were always helpful and friendly and make everyone feel welcome at their gym.

Although Zumba is still my sentimental favourite , 5:45 am Bootcamp is a heck of a way to start your day!!!

Thank you for a great year!  

Gary C

I injured my back in sports in 2000 which resulted in serious lower back pain.  My GP said that the pain would eventually go away.  It did subside considerably, but it never disappeared completely.  Driving was uncomfortable.  Visits to the chiropractor provided temporary relief but the level of discomfort always returned.  

Two years ago, I asked Paulette if she thought she could help.  We agreed to meet five times.  Each time she gave me progressive exercises to increase my core strength.  I followed her program/exercises as designed.  My pain is gone.  

Paulette, I wish I had consulted you fourteen years ago!