Up Close & Personal – My Daily Fitness Journey

By Jennifer Gendron, PTS/FIS

One of the most regular questions I get at the gym is what my own personal fitness plan looks like.  The honest answer to this question is that more often than not, it is all over the place just like my crazy lifestyle!!  Some weeks are good and my workouts quite regular and eating very healthy but lately, that has not been the case. As many of you know, my busy lifestyle combined with my extreme type A personality often has me running in so many directions I have a hard time keeping up with myself! Some times the stress of keeping up with my busy family combined with running my own business leaves me feeling quite drained and my workouts suffer which leaves me feeling as though I am not “practicing what I preach”.  But just as I tell my clients and participants, every day is a new day and if you are struggling one day, you can always start again tomorrow!

My own personal goal over the next month, is to establish a more regular routine for my personal fitness as well as to fully commit to a clean eating plan as well as better sleep and a more committed mindfulness practice.  Through this blog, I will share this personal journey with those of you who are interested in following along.  I will give you tips on how I fit things in to my busy schedule, share some of the healthy recipes I will be using for clean eating as well as some of the products I use to supplement my overall health plan.  I
will give you details on how I began a mindfulness program through meditation and how this helps me to balance things when I remain committed to the program.  In addition, I will share some of my favorite books and websites to give you access to healthy recipes, home workouts and much more!

I invite you to join me on this month long journey to ultimate wellness and look forward to sharing this time with all of you!  Along the way, please feel free to share with me some of your own favorite recipes and tips for finding balance and keeping fit!  I look forward to traveling this journey with you!

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