Welcome New Practitioner, Anita Briggs!

We are pleased to introduce, Anita Briggs, Pschotherapist/Healing Practitioner, MSc, DCEd, DAc, RET.  Anita will be working out of the Wellness Centre here at Lifestyles on a part-time basis beginning on May 1st.

Anita has been working in the healing field for the past 18 years. Psychotherapist and energy healer, she blends complementary modalities of acupuncture, Rapid Eye Therapy, meridian therapy, and Biological Decoding, with Fragrance Alchemy, chakra clearing and activation, and angelic healing. The combination of modalities is powerful to clear stuck patterns and past trauma.

Working with depression, addiction, anxiety, phobias, stress, relationship issues, lack of fulfillment, physical ailments, as well as manifesting life more powerfully, accelerated awakening, and techniques of regeneration/rejuvenation. She offers facial rejuvenation sessions that are deeply transformative. Sessions include audio or video meditation, as Anita has created dozens of meditations for her online programs. She has developed many online healing programs that bring in the cutting edge in healing and human potential, with focus on emotional alchemy and manifesting in the new reality; you can explore further at: www.adventuresinboundlessness.com www.wholebeingflourishing.com www.academyoffragrancealchemy.com.

Anita trains healing practitioners in Fragrance Alchemy, meridian clearing, Rune Mastery, and Angelic Healing, and teaches advanced breathing techniques and the Satva Yogas of Illumination. In-person private sessions offered at the Lifestyles Fitness Studio include emotional clearing with Rapid Eye therapy, energy activation, angelic healing, and an energetic facial rejuvenation acupuncture process that is not offered anywhere else.

Sessions are 90 mins, and they combine modalities as the situation calls for. Introductory price is $125 per session and is covered under many insurance plans. First-time clients receive $25 off their first session. To book an appointment, please contact Anita at 506-832-4831.

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