What Does Self-Care Mean to You?

By Jennifer Gendron, Health & Wellness Coach

When you hear the works “self care”, what does it mean to you? We hear a lot of buzz around self care and for most people, it conjures up visions of meditating in a quiet place or taking a hot bubble bath with candles and tranquil music, however, while these things are both great forms of self-care, they may not necessarily be things you find relaxing. For many of us, they may even be stressful as we try to force ourselves in to the types of situations that are supposed to be relaxing and not understanding why we just can’t unwind. Perhaps the reason is simple – these just aren’t your own personal places of peace. Self care is a very personal thing. The activities that we find relaxing and the things that allow us to unwind are unique from one individual to another. I encourage you to spend some time thinking about what kinds of things allow you to unwind and detach from your daily stressors and ensure you are making time to include them into your own life. For some, that may include meditation and hot baths and for others it could be anything from relaxing in front of the TV, reading a good book, sleeping in on a Saturday morning or spending time in nature to name just a few.

In her recent podcast with Dr. Samantha Brody, entrepreneur Lori Kennedy discusses self-care and just how very personal it is. She describes that for her, self-care is a daily vegging out in front of the TV and that this is OK! We all relax and unwind in our own way and need to find what that thing or things are for ourselves. Putting extra stress and pressure on ourselves trying to conform to the “norms” and force ourselves in to situations that do not feel comfortable, does not elevate our level of personal care and can in fact have the opposite effect. 

For me, a hot bubble bath with a book at the end of the day is super relaxing however, I also enjoy being outside in nature and a vigorous hike on a summer day or an afternoon of snowshoeing on a winter evening are both ways that I relax and unwind. I also do enjoy reading and meditation is something I have worked long and hard to master as it is very hard for me to remain still and quiet my mind however, it is a work in progress.

The true secret to self-care, is finding what kind of activity allows you to give your mind a rest by taking it off of your daily stressors and changing your focus. How you choose to do this is completely personal and up to you. The main thing to remember is that you are actually DOING whatever it is that allows you to disconnect and unwind and ensuring you are making time to do it on a regular basis. Your body, mind and spirit will all thank you for it!

“Don’t worry about what any one else is doing, forge your own way.” – Dr. Samantha Brody

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What does self-care mean to you?
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