We believe social connection is a huge, and often missed, part of holistic health!

So, here at Lifestyles we focus on creating opportunities for social connect along with developing a positive mindset, moving our bodies daily & fuelling our bodies with healthy food!

We want to empower YOU to live a more boundless lifestyle! We are sick and tired of quick fixes, fads & deprivation dominating most people’s health journeys, so we are saying GOOD-BYE to these extremes!

BECOME A WELLNESS WARRIOR where we put adventure, fun and social connection above all else! So join us and take the next step on YOUR wellness journey! Get the tools & skills to dream bigger & climb higher! Through our group fitness classes, specialty programs, workshops, coaching & challenges, our goal remains the same: To EMPOWER you to dream, achieve & LOVE the life YOU choose.

Let’s bring more FUN and ADVENTURE back to YOUR JOURNEY! Start living YOUR bucket list today!


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  • We believe that you can always achieve anything you set your mind to!

  • We believe in celebrating body, health, and exercise diversity based on each person's goals and know there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to health, fitness and nutrition!

  • We believe social connection is the missing piece of holistic health!

  • We believe there has to be FUN and ADVENTURE in our journey!

  • We believe that in order to change your body, you must first change your mind!

  • We believe that STRENGTH and VITALITY are the keys to good health!


  • We don't believe that being fit means being "skinny".

  • We don't believe in quick fixes and fad diets; anything worth having requires hard work.

  • We don't measure success by numbers on a scale.

  • We don't let fear of failure hold us back from achieving our goals.

  • We don't let other people's beliefs dictate what a healthy life looks like.